Life Coaching

In my life-coaching practice, I like to do a mix of traditional coaching and insight-based teaching.

So, with traditional coaching it is focused toward asking powerful questions and leading the client to new perspectives they may not have considered before. So, a life coach is someone to bounce ideas off of and they function as a strategic and motivational partner as well.

With the teaching aspect of my practice, it combines the same client-centered facilitation where the client and coach are equals in the relationship, with the insights that I often share in my videos.

So, basically, it’s like traditional coaching but with reference to the intuitions and insights that come up for me during the session, and toggling between the two to help clients look at things from new perspectives to find solutions and new pathways to their goals.

Also, you can choose to stop whenever you like. So, there is no obligation to continue. You can choose to do only one session if you like, and you could also choose to do up to four sessions per month on an ongoing basis. Either way, it’s totally up to you.

You can sign up on Patreon, if you’re interested at this link:

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