Dreamwork Coaching

Dreamwork coaching is a spin on life-coaching, where personal development is facilitated through understanding the messages and overarching narratives in dreams.

It is a way of discovering what our unconscious mind wants to reflect to us and have us address, and then finding practical ways to apply this to life to create meaningful change. 

So, if you're in need of clarity and direction in life, I highly recommend signing up. I was honestly amazed at how much clarity I got from this process. I recently finished a course, where I learned all about how to facilitate this process. And during the course, a fellow student and I were coaching one another once a week as training for the course and working each-other's dreams using the process. And I was ASTONISHED at how much my dreams were trying to communicate the exact same message to me but using very different symbols. And because I finally saw what was trying to be communicated to me, the past couple months have been extremely transformative.

Dreams really are a direct message from the subconscious mind in an uncanny way. And what's great about coaching, is that it directly anchors dream-work in reality. It's so much more about bringing what you discover in your dreams back to your life to create positive meaningful changes. And in this way I see great potential in this process for people who seek to know their life purpose, to realize hidden potentials, and to bring their life into alignment with what authentically fulfills them.

It costs $69 for one 1-hour session per month, and $248 for four 1-hour sessions per month (saving you $28). To get that price reduction, be sure to sign up through the link titled “Dreamwork Coaching (x4)” in the store.

Also, you can cancel your subscription any time. So, if you want to do just one session that’s okay. And if you wanted to do 4 session per month on an ongoing basis, that’s okay too.

If you have any questions about Dreamwork Coaching, feel free to contact me @ thediamondnetchannel@gmail.com .

Thank you. :)


Note: All session are done over Skype or Zoom.