Out of Body Experience or Lucid Dreaming?

My most recent OBE

                One thing that I’ve noticed about sleep paralysis, out of body experience, or even lucid dreaming is that the more I talk about it, the more I have it. So, sometimes I could go a few weeks to even a month without having it but if I talk about it or hear about it, I have one that night. I guess that this is the case now that I had recently been talking about it on my channel.

                Several nights ago, I woke up with sleep paralysis and decided that I wanted to try to leave my body and explore. I wasn’t nervous as I often am. Many times I will just try to bypass the experience because I don’t want to risk seeing something disturbing. But this time was different. I approached it with genuine curiosity and unwavering confidence. Normally my attempts to explore go a bit like Harry Potter when he first tried Floo Powder to get to Diagon Alley. (For the Harry Potter fans out there ;))

                So, I sat up from my bed quite easily and walked from the bedroom to the living room. The living room door was open and I walked one step outside and jumped into and merged with the door. Everything went gray. I set the intent of going somewhere. I decided on Paris and tried to conjure up thoughts of what Paris might look like as I’ve never been.

                As I manifested an image in my mind, the grayness started to form into another scene very slowly. Outlines of people began to emerge from the grayness. I was standing in front of two people who were talking. They didn’t see me but I was so close to them that there was very little space between me and them. They were only hazy and clearly chatting with one another about something amusing. As the talking and image of them came more into focus I realized that they were two very young women, perhaps in their later teen years.

                They faded from view and I was suddenly on a small road that went through a tunnel, which was carved out of the side of a small orange-red mountain. It reminded me of Georgia clay. There was a stream that also ran under the road and next to it. I looked out over the guard rails of the road and looked down at the water. Since I was out of body, I wanted to see how consistent everything stayed in the world and so I walked down the road for several minutes and walked back.

                I wanted to see if the scene with the stream and road remained consistent. I was surprised that it did. There was no noticeable deviation from the scene that I had seen earlier.

I was approached by Teal Swan, a popular spiritual teacher on Youtube as well as several other people one of which was a slightly heavyset man in his early thirties and another taller thin man around the same age. I got the impression that the men were spiritual teachers too.

                We were all conversing about something that seemed interesting and task oriented. This was very clear when I had the experience but now I can’t remember any specifics of our conversation. It makes me think in retrospect that maybe it was just a lucid dream. But I was very certain that I was having an OBE at the time. But something about this experience didn’t quite translate as well as my other experiences normally do.

That said, it was probably the most productive out of body experience that I’ve had. I can never control very much in OBE, and I had perfect control over myself this time.

                I love the rare experience where I can see new landscapes or meet up with people. This is very rare for me. Most of the time, I never leave my bedroom. Either that or fear and excitement sabotage my experience. This one was very pleasant and I got to see a lot. Maybe I’m finally starting to get over my barriers to exploration. If that’s true, I’m very glad…. Not just because of a heightened ability to explore out of body but because of a potential removal to barriers, self-sabotage, and fears in my mundane life.